How much water does the Body Bottle hold?
The Body Bottle holds 10 ounces of water which is great for a 5+ mile jog, depending on your running style and the outside temperature. For particularly hot days and/or log runs, it would be best to hydrate frequently and we would recommend using two Body Bottles; one for each arm.

How do you drink from the Body Bottle while running?
The Body Bottle attaches to an arm strap via wide velco pieces. To drink from the Body Bottle, one simply has to “rip” the Body Bottle off in a single motion without even taking your eyes off of the road. With the push/pull sports cap, you can even open the Body Bottle with your teeth or the same hand used to pull the Body Bottle off of the strap. Reattaching the Body Bottle to the arm strap is just as easy and seamless.

Is the Body Bottle really comfortable to use? Doesn’t it bounce around?
We created The Body Bottle because all the other products on the market are difficult and cumbersome to use! The elastic armstrap that supports the Body Bottle while on the arm is comfortable and any “bounceage” of the Body Bottle is diffused by the wide surface area of the strap. Like wearing an mp3 player, you will notice that it is there, but the effect and distraction of the Body Bottle is less than that of a camelpak, water belt and hand held water bottles! And in fact, the Body Bottle is easier to use than an mp3 player strapped to your arm as The Body Bottle easily strips off your arm and you don't have to take your eyes off of the path you are running – the same can’t really be said for when you need to adjust the song or volume on your mp3 player.

What size arm is the arm strap made for? Are there different sizes?
The Body Bottle arm strap comes is a one-size-fits-most. This means that the arm strap fits most adults except those individuals who have very skinny arms or those Arnold Schwarzenegger-types. We are working to produce small, medium and large armstraps.

Does the velcro really hold the Body Bottle securely?
Yes! And in early models the velcro was so strong that we had difficulty ripping the Body Bottle off the armstrap. We have since refined the velcro selection and have found a combination that maintains a really strong support as well as allowing for easy “ripping”.

What type of plastic is the Body Bottle made out of?
The Body Bottle is made of out a durable, translucent plastic (#2). This is designed to absorb any effect of the water moving within the bottle.

How does the mp3 mount work for the Body Bottle? Can you pack keys as well?
The Body Bottle does support mp3 players as well as keys. The way to attach your mp3 player or key, is to attach the velcro patch to the back of the mp3 player or key and then fix it to the front of the Body Bottle. Attaching the devices there allows for easy access to change your settings and to monitor the items.

How do you clean the Body Bottle?
The Body Bottle is best cleaned using soap and water to rise out the bottle, the sports cap and to wash the arm strap. Machine washing can cause damage to the velcro and is not recommended. Frequency of washing is up to the user, but the bottle and the arm strap should be rinsed after every use.


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