The Body Bottle concept actually arose from one of those 'a ha!' moments. This particular time it stemmed from running in the hot summer days of Columbus, Ohio earlier in the decade, in preparation for the Columbus Marathon. Trying to stay hydrated required either setting up water bottles along our regular long-run routes or dealing with the existing hydration products on the market.

Water bladder backpacks were too uncomfortable and reminiscent of the days in grade school when racing to catch the school bus was hampered by a backpack full of books constricting the shoulders. Add the irregular bouncing and the experience is uncomfortable after the first step. Water bottle belts allowed for a better rhythm but still bounced much after bottles emptied, and of course they too are reminiscent of a time long gone - as they are aesthetically similar to fanny packs!

Similarly, carrying a water bottle in one hand was too irregular and did not allow for use of the fingers to brush away hair, adjust volume, fix ear phones, etc. So, after that initial experience, many years later and many many experiments and proto-types later, we finally launched the Body Bottle in late 2007.

The design continues to evolve based on user feedback but one thing is clear, the Body Bottle is the only product on the market that gives runners and athletes a hand-free, waist-free and back-free way to comfortably carry liquids. Let us know what you think!


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